Honey, Bee Unique • Silver, 50cm

Black Cat Crystals

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Honey Bees are strong representations of fertility, birth, growth, new beginnings and new life. They have this association because they are pollinators, fertilizing flowers and plants to continue and create life around us. And because the bee kingdom is run by a feminine force, the energies of intuition, emotions, imagination, birth and nourishment are the rulers of the hive.

Bees also connect us between the spiritual and material realms, showing us how we can turn our imaginations and passions into physical manifestations. 

Their hives are so interconnected, using instinctual knowledge and sacred geometry, giving us inspiration to build and create our own lives around structure and intuition. Tapping into the power of a beehive is a high vibrational energy of manifestation and co-creation in harmony with All.