Faden Quartz • Rose Gold

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From the German word “Faden” (pronounced “fah-den”) meaning “thread”, it refers to a white line that runs through the crystal.

These lines occur because Faden Quartz is found typically where there is high tectonic activity and forms in fissures of the host rock that slowly and steadily widens over time.

When the fissures open, the Quartz crystals inside rupture, this rupture heals quickly due to the rich silica solution, forming a crystal that is attached to both sides of the host rocks creating a bridge in the new opening.

Due to this crystals constant cracking and healing of itself, Faden Quartz allows new potent life force energy to be channeled from within. The uniqueness of this crystal is the amplification of the root chakra and the divine connection to Mother Earth. The energies of Faden Quartz are to reignite a full body, soul and spiritual connection to our beautiful planet.